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Criminal Lawyer in Frankfort, KY

When you require representation, rely upon the Frankfort, KY, criminal lawyer that offers personal attention for your case. Jack W. Flynn, Attorney At Law will sit down with you and review your situation. We’ll work hard to identify any shortcomings of police or court procedure that need to be brought to the attention of a judge. If we feel a plea is in your best interests, we’ll attempt to secure favorable terms that let you get on with your life sooner.

Our practice is ready to handle all your issues in everyday language, letting you know what it is that you’re being charged with and why. We’re here to help protect the rights of individuals dealing with:

  • Juvenile claims
  • Violent charges
  • DUIs
  • Drug cases

Ask Jack W. Flynn, Attorney At Law, a Frankfort, KY, criminal lawyer, for a free initial consultation covering all your legal challenges. Our office provides flexible appointments and weekend scheduling to help you get the counsel you deserve. Come in today for an unbiased recommendation about how to handle your charges.